Where Were You That Day

by Naomi McPeters
(Albany, NY)

Where were you,
Where were you that day,
When the whole world fell,
Crashed and burned our faith?

Fire, screams, cries for help,
People leaping out of windows.
Where was God? we ask;
And for good reason because now

Somewhere a dad is gone, a husband dead.
Somewhere a wife alone; a daughter cries.
Somewhere a body beneath the rubble,
Beneath the rubble of the Tower lies.

He was once a man
With dreams to carry him through.
He was headed off to work that day,
His daughter to her first day of school.

8:46am, the phone begins to ring.
She answers and hears her husband’s final plea:
"We’ve been hit and it won’t be long.
I love you, don’t stop living because of me.”

The connection dies and she stares at the phone,
Then turns on the TV and watches in pain.
The tower is burning, screams piercing the air;
She looks on in terror, eyes glued to the screen.

Three miles away, a girl sits in a room.
None of her classmates around her know
Her father is there, in those jet fuel flames.
And that he has no place to go.

Together they watched, with all of the world,
As two hands met, and from a window fell.
Afraid to take the leap alone,
But believing maybe it would come out well.

Maybe God would catch them there,
From 96 stories above the ground.
Maybe He heard their cries for help,
When they jumped, only witnesses heard the sound.

Falling, falling, through the sky.
Saw the bodies crashing to the ground.
Faith burning in the flames above
Falling, falling, all around.

At 96 stories, he reached for a hand,
Together they took a leap of faith,
Landed broken on the ground,
Now for the girl and God, it is just too late.

Since that clear September morn,
Since the day faith burned like Hell,
A daughter cries, a woman weeps,
For it was her dad, her man, who fell.

On that clear September day,
As those towers disappeared
From the skyline of the city,
The whole world watched with pain and fear.

Fear because they had something to ask,
A question of why they now can’t pray;
Eleven years gone, and I still ask this:
"God, where were you that day?"

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