We Shall Not Forget

by Nick Fraysher Sr.
(Brownsville Tn)

Sept.11, We Shall Not Forget

Your fate was determined,
Your life brought to an end.
Though I knew you not,
Could you have been my friend?

In those final moments,
Before you were no more,
Did you look,
Upon heavens open door?

For your great sacrifice,
To you my voice I raise,
And sing in your memory
A simple song of praise.

Needless was your suffering,
At their cowardly hand,
Those lowly devastators,
From a foreign land.

To you who are gone,
And to your saddened heirs,
I send,
My most heart felt prayers.

Though you were taken,
And dwell here no more,
You shall live forever,
For in our hearts we store,

Memories everlasting,
Of your final day,
And for you dear ones,
Nations stopped to pray.
Cherokee Knight
Copyright2001©Nick Fraysher Sr.
All rights reserved

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