We shall always remain free (9-12-01)

by By Bradley A. Peraino

I was stunned to silence, as many of us were when I heard about the act of hate that had just occurred. I didn't really understand what the hell was going on as I watched two burning buildings and a beat up Pentagon.

The first thing that I thought of were the people still inside. I prayed for each and every one and hoped that they'd survive. The sadness that I feel has, yet, to go away and I still feel the anger about what happened on that day.

We read about Pearl Harbor and all the damage that was caused. We hear songs about VietNam and all the lives that had been lost. However, as an act of war this one beats them all. I can't express the way I felt as I watched those buildings fall.

They tried to bring our country down by scaring us to death, but America hasn't come this far by giving up to threats. We are a global stronghold that no one will defeat. Most of us would rather die than take part in a retreat.

We don't back down from countries who try to conquer all. We don't run from terrorists, they don't scare us at all. We'll stand tall and proud, and every one will see that despite of what might happen; we shall always remain free.

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