by Gordon Jackson

The Troops are coming home
They say the war is over.
Could this be their lucky day?
Is this their four leaf clover?

Give praise to all those Soldiers.
They fought with so much pride.
Was all that fighting worth it?
Worth the price of those who died?

Don't think of them as Soldiers
But Sons, Brothers, Husbands and Wives.
And for some they are no more,
They fought and gave their lives.

War is not a good thing,
Whatever the cause may be.
Fighting for a piece of land,
Or to keep our country free.

So now the war has ended,
And the world's a safer place.
For the Child who lost their Dad,
There's only sadness in their face.

So many years of fighting wars.
So many years for wars to end.
All that pain and suffering.
How long will that take to mend?

Stop the threat of terrorism,
That's why we fight and die.
To "Keep this country free",
That will be our battle cry.

Hopefully a cry we won't need,
We pray to the almighty Lord.
For now, after all this time,
Let's stop dying by the sword.

Dedicated to those brave Soldiers who have fought to keep America free.

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