The Lights Are Shinning And Hope Is Everywhere In The Air

by Nicole Ann Magincalda
(Midwest City, Oklahoma United States)

Christmas is here, and it comes but once a year
for those who have celebrated it from childhood to adulthood
it holds a special place in the heart,
that only those few can truly understand.

The trees are shining bright with beautiful lights
glowing all night long.
Excitement is in the air,
the children's faces are smiling and most everyone is happy.

Those less fortunate then some are blessed by a close friend
and those who are homeless are blessed by some heartfelt stranger on the street
who takes mercy on them and their situation
by giving them a hot meal or some money to bless them.

Christmas is supposed to represent the spirit of goodwill
to all mankind
regardless of religion and all borders of society
that separate all people.

It's the one time of the year when we can bless others,
look at our lives
and be truly grateful for all the blessings we have
such as family, friends, and most important a giving heart and a healthy body.

Gifts, lights, candy and celebrations are wonderful things
but that is not what makes Christmas wonderful
but the feeling of love for another person
is what truly makes Christmas a holiday to remember.

Christmas is a American holiday
and I am so thankful to live in the greatest country,
the United States of America
for United we stand and divided we fall.

So stand united and love thee neighbor as yourself
for that is love
and love is respect and care and giving
and that is what Christmas means to me!

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