The first snow storm

by Bradley A. Peraino

But a single leaf survived the harrowing event. Atop a lonely tree that seemed withered, old and bent. The wind blew strong and white against a sky of solid grey. The flakes fell with stinging speed in an awe striking display.

The earth was quickly covered, essentially erased. The tree swayed chaotically, the leaf still in her place. Across the field, another tree crackled, popped and creaked. He crashed to Earth heroically, his long life finally peaked.

The winds began to die and the clouds began to fade. The sun shone bright and beautiful across the white cascade. Atop the mighty oak, the lone leaf seemed to smile. For, through the frigid fury, she stood there all the while.

The land was calm and quiet, filled with solemn peace. It set the perfect scene for the leaf’s final release. As she floated gently southward, she proudly flipped and turned. She landed in the white expanse for the rest she rightly earned.

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