That Morning Many Years Ago

by Bob Bradley
(Spring, Texas)

That morning many years ago
On a train bound for San Francisco
I spoke on the phone with a friend
It must have been just before 7
And the date that day was 9/11

He told me, as we approached the station
Of the horrors wreaked across this great nation
Of souls so cruelly robbed of life
By men convinced by a malevolent leader
That their acts were justified by religious strife

I left the train at the San Francisco terminus
And began the long walk to my One Market Street office
The typical cacophony made by bustling traffic
Was absent that day, it was eerily silent

As I sat at my desk trying to comprehend the incomprehensible
It was announced that, for our safety alone
We should all return home

All the hearts left in the city by the bay
Were transported to New York far, far away
To mingle with those with loved ones lost
What an unfathomable price to pay

While riding in the homebound train
Nearby sat two Middle Eastern men
With feelings conflicted
My immediate thought
Are these two parts of that nefarious plot?
Judging this, paranoia-born, notion unfair
I realized, that false accusations would now be their burden to bear

Soon after I arrived at home
I watched in stunned silence as the South Tower fell
My soul cried out but I gave it no voice
Not wanting to wake my toddler son as he slept
I sat on the floor and I quietly wept

Observing these iconic towers
By blind hatred laid low
For so many beloved becoming a tomb
Could anyone or anything dispel the pall of doom

With this profound anguish how could we cope?
There was one who stood as a beacon of hope
Mayor Giuliani, delaying his own grieving for the loss of dear friends,
Brought comfort to the people by his calm and courageous demeanor
To the perpetrators of this evil act he said, we will not bow and we will not bend

I pray that we will never again taste
The bitter fruit of such violent enmity
That to our shores never more will blow
The pure evil of that morning many years ago

Written by Bob Bradley on 02/25/2013

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