Strawberries Delight

by Nicole Magincalda
(Fair Oaks Ca, United States)

I love strawberries because they are red, sweet, and appealing to the eyes and senses,
they taste so good on a hot summers day in a cake or on a dish
strawberries are my favorite wish!

You can buy them by the baskets full if you have the money,
and if you are really in the mood for them eat them fast and put them in your tummy!

No other fruit can give me a sweet tooth the way strawberries do,
I love them like no other fruit I have seen or ever knew.

They are really good on poke cake with a little gelatin,
yes strawberries are lovely,
the fruit made for the gods,
set in bright, bright, red to even out the odds.
For red is appealing and it stands for many different things!

Strawberries are little berries and their taste is out of this world,
So if you never tried one you should listen to this girl!

Take yourself some money and run down to the store
and buy yourself a basket like I did before.

If you know a farmer that grows them where you live,
buy them off his farm for yourself or for the kids.

We all know straight from the farm is the best way to go.

However if you can't do what I suggested then do what you can, do run down to the nearest market and go on and get you some.

Don't miss out on some sweet, sweet, fruit,
don't live in the unknown
eat a yummy strawberry and taste that juicy flavor,
and while you are doing that don't forget to savor,
the way it tastes and how you feel,
and tell me that feeling don't make it worth your money.

For with every taste of that sweet berry is a taste like honey.
Sweet is a strawberry and that taste makes everything worth while!
When you think how you feel when you start to smile,
it makes it worth your money,
and the time that was lost picking out those strawberries
was all very worth the cost,
the energy you gave up and the money that was lost.

So don't hesitate to get them,
they are small but very strong in flavor,
they won't let you down.

So come on, come on, go get you some
and savor the flavor and don't forget that those strawberries were so very worth it,
because nothing makes your day like Strawberries Delight
they are the only thing that can make it right.

I have given all my reasons and so now this poem ends.
If strawberries were people they would be my best friends.

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