Some Have Forgotten

by Kate
(Pasadena, TX)

The day I sat on the phone at work, I heard the news.
I thought that it was just a dream, although I was awake.
I recall the tears of my cohorts, and the anger in my soul
As I sat there, stunned, waiting to hear it was not true.

I think the worst thing that happened since then
Is the way so many have chosen to move on.
Instead of living for those who died in vain
They choose to forget what happened to them.

As sadness comes forth as I think of those planes
And the people who sacrificed, whether chosen or not
I think of the anger and hate that comes from our own
Toward those who wish to remember why we fight today.

Remember the smoke, remember the unity, it used to be clear
Remember the hate that came from the East
I don't know how anyone, living that day, could choose to
Forget how horrible the hate was against us all.

They tried to crash our finances, and our military strength
They even tried to get our laws but the heroes intervened.
As I sit back here, eleven years since,
I can only wonder how some have forgotten.

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