SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

by Gordon Jackson
(Delray Beach, Florida)

Look what someone has gone and done
Turned two buildings into none.

The Pentagon was the next one hit
Will this nightmare ever quit?

Who would cause such death, destruction and pain?
What kind of animal would fly that plane?

The pain in our hearts does weight much
But our pride and courage you did not touch.

You see our tears and you see our sorrow
Learn from this: it's your turn tomorrow.

You may have changed the shape of the skyline
But you did not change the shape of our mind.

We have all come together for we are strong
And you will pay dearly for this horrible wrong.

You have heard the saying "Revenge is sweet",
Remember that when the debris is at your feet.

You gained nothing more then the taking of lives
Our Brothers, our Sisters, our Husbands and Wives.

You didn't break our spirit or faith in God above
For he will bless America with his power and his love.

America will pull together in our greatest hour of need
And we will overcome your sick and hellish deed.

You achieved nothing, whatever you foolish goal
And you can rest assured, we will prevail,
And then "May God have mercy on your soul".

Dedicated to all of those who lost their life in this tragedy and to the Firemen, Police Officers and Volunteers who helped to keep America, America.

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