Ruffles Potato Chips

by Nicole Ann Magincalda
(Midwest City, Oklahoma United States Of America)

Ruffles, Ruffles, every where never gone and always there, crispy little potato chips, oily in a bag!

I love you so much, you taste so yummy with every one I eat I want more in my tummy. Fattening they are and I know I should not eat them but every time I see one I know that no other chip can beat them!

They are great as a snack, they keep you wanting more, self control is critical or else you will get fat!

Greasy little Ruffles I know you're bad for me but god I love your flavor and the oily taste you leave!

Why do you have to taste so good? I really want to know! How can I stop eating you when you are right here in my face, sitting in the kitchen ever since yesterday!

Ruffles chips are plain with just a little salt but the oil brings them flavor and every time I eat them I really have to say that no other chips can beat them.

They give excitement to a boring day and make my taste buds dance as if they want to say "pass the Ruffles because we really love that flavor, we want more!"

Fighting with my body over what to do, when my taste buds tell me more, it is really hard not to eat them.

Ruffles we love you as oily as you are, but we are trying to cut back on our saturated fats, so we are not buying you anymore, until we can have self control because your flavor we love to savor!

So here is to Ruffles chips may god help us to stop before we have a heart attack someday and then we drop to the floor!

They bring heaven to your mouth but will bring heart attacks your way, so look out America and that is all I have to say.

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