by Mary Harris
(Sherwood, AR US)

Since the day I was first created many years ago I have been a symbol of what this country stands for, freedom for all men and women.

Since the Founding Fathers first created me,
I have been knew by many names,
The Stars and Stripes, Old Glory and Star-Spangled Banner.

I fly free over this land, over many buildings, public and private, almost 365 days a year.

I have been flown half-staff as a sign of respect or mourning.
I have been carried on many battlefields at home and far away in foreign lands.

Many had spilled their life blood for me.
I have covered many Soldiers' and Veterans' coffins as they are laid to rest, for their services for their country.

I am folded and given to many families.
The families have a place of honor in their homes for me.

I am on the uniform of our fighting men and women as they fight and die for our freedom today.

My colors, stripes and stars brightly fly over this land, free and proud.

I am the American Flag.

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