One Thing I Learned From 9/11 Is To....

by Kayla Gipson
(Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States)

twin towers, pentagon, & flight 93

twin towers, pentagon, & flight 93

One Thing I Learned From 9/11 Is To.....
By: Kayla Gipson
MVMS Mr. Lazono 1st Period American History

N:not really understanding what happened or it's something more than a plane crashing into a building while the another building is smoking or why whatever my grandpa was watching on T.V. got interrupted by the news. It was a big day for a 6 year old mind.

E:everyday you wake up trying to make sense of your day the day before and learning what today's plans are. Then days like that awful day in September you start living your life like it's the last day of your life.

V:vulnerable is a word we see at least once in our lives. Especially in the third week, third day, in the ninth month in the year 2001 A.D.

E:every lifetime has to deal with something to re-write American history. With my grandparents it was World War II, with my parents it was the cold war, for people that are my age or older now it was 9/11 and the war on terrorism (do you see the the pattern). I hope our kids won't go through what we went through.

R:remembering three things before ending the day: 1. giving a smile to everybody that you see on the street. 2. always to thank God for getting you up today. And 3. The only reason you live in the land of free is because of the brave.

F:feeling that you did something wrong when you didn't do anything wrong but you feel like people are blaming it on you. We all have days like that.

O:one nation standing strong for whatever life throws at it. If that means leaving us with four planes and two buildings gone and over 3000 lives lost/injured in over 50 countries then making us frown every time you say "we want peace with you"

R:regretting the past and wishing that you would do anything to get that person back. Don't waste time. Life goes too fast now a days so don't regret in the future what could have happened today.

G:giving hope was an easy thing to do back then. Now you say "don't give hope, it's only thing we have left." If you give hope you will make it in life today.

E:everything in life now has meaning to you now. Back then you thought a bird was an animal that flies but now a bird to you represents life.

T:telling yourself this isn't happening, seeing news clips over and over trying to process everything in your brain while thinking to yourself I'm not alone listening to the newscaster's voice while he/she is doing the same thing. Now seven years later we still have a hole in our hearts. The Twin Towers are gone, the Pentagon is fixed and there is still a huge hole in Pennsylvania with beautiful memorials opening on the 10th anniversary that's three years away. I hope we can have a little closure between here and there.

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