Now That I Know My Granddad Was There

by Bob Bradley
(United States)

With solemn reverence we remember that serene Hawaiian morning
So brutally interrupted without any warning
By that bellicose rising sun with murderous intent
Forcing thousands of souls from an earthly paradise
Where to a heavenly one they were sent

Always appalled by this infamous invasion
I had not, until recently, known of a loved one’s participation
My Grandpa served as Chief on the USS Pennsylvania
When by a Japanese bomb her hull was invaded

At first presumed dead he survived the attack
To his wife and four children he soon would go back
What a glorious reunion it must have been
Having seen the horrors of that December day
To return home to see his family again

We will always remember freedoms high price paid
By those men and women who at Pearl Harbor died
Through a more personal lens do I see this tragic affair
Now that I know that my granddad was there

Dedicated to Harry Dwyer and all those who fought to preserve our Freedom on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor

Bob Bradley 12/07/2012

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