My Thoughts For Those Who Died

by Lewis Cleary
(Liverpool, England)

Never Forget

Never Forget

Dear God,
Even though I'm not from America but England,
I may just be a 11 year old school boy,
But I was born that year,
I give my respects to America,
My love is with you who all lost family,
My thoughts are for you and the people who died,
Even though Osama is dead,
Never forget that dreadful day when the towers collapsed,
All you readers out there, please have respect,
Even if your not from America, it doesn't matter,
Give your thoughts and respect to the family's who lost their loved ones,
Share your prayers and keep that day in mind,
God look after those who died,
And let Osama Bin Laden ROT IN HELL,
(if your offended by rot in hell I'm sorry.)

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