I Remember 9/11

by Steven Eleftheriadis
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

For the heroes and the victims of 9/11, alive and in our hearts:

I Remember 9/11
The pain, the tears, and the fall
How saddening the sight
Of good men and right
Who died to answer the call

I Remember 9/11
The cries of the children not born
That started the day
In the wombs which they lay
Left shattered and broken and torn

I Remember 9/11
The thundering fires above
How twisted the truth
Left withered and bruised
The hope that mankind could love

I Remember 9/11
The raging hatred ensued
How peaceful the peace
Which could not appease
The evil of those still pursued

I remember 9/11
The thunder and torrents that fell
The bombs that were rained
To avenge those who were slain
Like fires erupting from hell

I Remember 9/11
The anger which still burns inside
For those who can't see
The price of the peace
Which they still choose to deride

I Remember 9/11
The quiet and rest of the land
Where rivers of tears
Are stilled by the years
And healed by the Father’s command

I remember 9/11
The hope that this day will reveal
A better tomorrow
With bright hope, not sorrow
From wounds which time can’t conceal

I'll always remember 9/11
The pain, the tears, and the and loss
The victory is still waiting
For those now remaining
Who look to the steel-girder cross

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