I hope they knew Jesus

by Edmund Stubbs
(Newfield, ME USA)

We take life for granted, rush about each day; go to work, expect to come home, on weekends we play.
And if we remember we take a minute to pray, but most are too busy, to give God the time of day.

Do you know Jesus? Have you asked him into your life?
When you draw your last breath will you be called into God's light?
If you know Jesus in the twinkling of an eye, you’ll be taken from this old world to sweet by and by.

Do you remember; most Americans. A plane hit the trade tower, then another did too. We watched in horror as it fell to the ground. 3000 people died, the rest of us cried.

I hope they knew Jesus, that they asked him into their lives. When they drew their last breath, they were taken into God's light. Cause if they knew Jesus, in the twinkling of an eye, they were taken on that cruel day, to sweet by and by.

Written by Ed Stubbs,Newfield, ME
(may not be used without permission)
November '04

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