Freedom to me

by Paul D. Peraino
(Flint, MI)

They flew planes into the towers but, that only made us strong.
I say that fighting you is right though, some may think that it is wrong.

Real Americans don't subside to terrorist's stipulations, even when we know it could be death that we are facing.

We made a pledge to be the best and keep our country free.
We should support our troops and don't be mad, just be glad to be.

This is the time to come together and be one nation; strong!
We say our prayers and never fear for, our troops will soon be home.

From time to time, we forget about the ones that we hold dear.
The time is now, the place is here when we should stand and cheer.

Terrorist, if you think that you are winning, your mind has gone astray. Freedom is forever, here in the good old U.S.A!

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