Father Son

by Cody
(Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia )

A young boy sits at his father's feet, the fire blazing warming.

‘Dad I think I know what I want to do now. I want to be a police man. I want to protect New York like you have’.

A tear in his father's eye ‘Son you don’t know what that means for me to hear you say that’.

‘Dad I know it's a deadly job but someone's got to do it. I want to save a life. I want to wear that uniform like you. I want to stand next to you, both of us in blue’.

‘Son I love you so very much. I can't wait until the day you become a cop. You'll join the front line and walk along side me’.

Well that 18 year old has seen that night when the tower fell and so many officers lost their lives.

Now the young boy stands in front the Twin Towers in a police uniform with his father in a white uniform next to him.

‘Dad I'm going in there. I want to save a life. If I don’t make it dad make sure they know I love them all’.

A tear appeared in both their eyes as they hugged one another. ‘Son be safe. Son make it home. Son remember I also love you’.

‘Daddy I got a baby girl on the way and a wife at home. If I don’t make it out of here tell them I love them’.

The young officer ran into the building and his hat flew off his head just as the second Twin Tower got hit, and his father let out a scream for help.

'Someone get him out of there for God's sake. My little boy is in there', as he ran for the building and his mates held him back.

'I'm so sorry mate but I don't think anyone would live through that'.

'I'm going to need someone to help me. He has a wife and an unborn daughter waiting at home. Someone needs to tell them that he was in there'.

'Don't wait Chief. I'll drive you then I'll take you home to be with your wife'.

And with that the young officer lead the Chief to a car. They both got in and the Chief held a photo of his son.

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