An Ode From Britain

by Joe
(London, England)

fire and panic and rage and pain
the whole world seems to have gone insane
on an odyssey to oblivion
two nine nine six souls carried to oblivion
never imagined that morning that they
would be immortalized as martyrs by the end of the day

hot metal stained with the red of the blood
of a nation scarred from barbed wire, gas and mud
a nation that has shed many tears
will once more shed many tears
the debris of this trauma would be cleared away
but the memories of this will never fade, just stay

twisted mortar and bricks cover the dead
lying peaceful in the chaos ready to be fed
to the fire that is raging on
nothing will stop the fire that will rage on
a cavity of destruction has been caused - a desperate sight
in the mouth of democracy, power and might

door roof and walls lofted aloft and sent flying
no weightier than the scattered paper on which they are lying
the writing is floating down through the tattered sky
the on lookers aghast see it through the tattered sky
ever close your eyes, ever think 'why'?
think, find a reason for so many to die

a twisting rage envelopes the empty room
sadness is mixed with war and gloom
and children below hear the screams
as their own cries of terror mix with these screams
one moment of bliss its all fine
and in the next New York moment you're spun on a dime

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