After 9/11

by Alex Maurer
(Cleveland, Ohio)

After 9/11
After terrorists tried to break up our great nation
After the dirt and soot had been swept up
After we had all said our prayers
After we all acted that nothing had happened
After we started going with 'business as usual'
After we had all been haunted for months

We're grateful
We're grateful for the dinner our parents provide
We're grateful for the life we have
We're grateful for the love we're given
We're grateful for everything the Great Lord has given us.

We will always mourn 9/11
But no matter what we do
There will still be bad people

Bad people who think it's alright to mess with the U.S.A
Bad people who think we're all not people like them
Bad people who will always thing it's o.k-

-To destroy this nation

But it's not o.k
we will fight back
we will make sure they get locked up
so that our kids will not be afraid anymore

We are America-The Proud-The Strong-The Almighty Country

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