by Joe Meaney
(Citrus Hts. CA 95610)

When this five year old child arrived to live in our home, my wife noticed she was clutching a Christmas ball . She asked her why? The child responded it was the last thing her mother gave her before they took her away. This inspired me to compose the following poem.

A Foster Child`s Christmas Ball

I was only five, but I still recall,
the day I got my Christmas ball.
You told me we would always be,
together for eternity .

Now every year thru wind and rain,
I look out through my window pane.
My hope, so high, soon fills with fear,
you won`t be here for another year.

It`s then I want to smash this ball
to smithereens, against the wall.
But I always stop because I know ,
it`s my only bond of love for you.

And though I’ve seen you only twice,
I’ll love you mom through all my life.
And every year at Christmas time,
I’ll hang this Christmas ball of mine.

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