A Day To Be Thankful
For Friends And Family

by Nicole Ann Magincalda
(Midwest City, Okalhoma)

I am thankful for this meal we will share and I toast to good health and cheer.

We come together hand in hand to say a pray for all and to remember all the reasons why we should be thankful!.

Enjoying the turkey for they did not die in vain, but to give us a good meal that we enjoy on this very day.

The wine is chilling in the refrigerator and the salads are on the table.

As I sit here in my family's home I thank God I am able,
to walk, to run, to sit here at this feast.

For there are people in other countries who are being held in chains and never get to speak their minds in any kind of way!.

Some people may never understand the Thanksgiving the USA shares with its fellow man.

However I can say thank you God for this meal and good family, because as I sit, I realize that if I did not live where I do that, that could be me.

Happy Thanksgiving because it comes only once a year, may you remember your blessings every time that it's here. Enjoy the food and eat to your heart's content because before the year is over you will wonder where it went!.

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