St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day is celebrated the world over on March 17th. It all started in Ireland as a religious holiday to celebrate St. Patrick, patron saint of that country. This celebration became a public holiday in Ireland in 1903.

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It has been said that St. Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to describe and explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish. The wearing of green ribbons and shamrocks to celebrate St. Patrick dates back to the 17th century.

Enjoy these Irish blessings and poems.

In the United States, Irish groups began celebrating this holiday with parades as early as the 1700s. Today Irish and non-Irish alike celebrate this holiday by wearing green and having parades.

But we do much more than that. Cities like Chicago, Savannah, and Indianapolis dye their waterways or fountains green. Holyoke, Massachusetts not only holds a huge parade but also a 10K Road Race, and awards the John F. Kennedy National Award to an Irish-American who has excelled in his/her chosen profession. Seattle has a week of festivities including dancing, Irish foods, Irish exhibitions and lessons, and a Mass for Peace.

Americans love to celebrate in style and this day is a fun one to do just that. Everything from socks to ties, suspenders to earrings, purses to baseball caps, and beads to berets will be green or adorned with shamrocks. But let’s not stop there – add a little face painting and you’ll recognize all those “Irish”, even if it is only for the day.

In homes, restaurants, and bars you’ll smell the aroma of corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, Irish stew, and coffee spiked with Irish whiskey and cream. Green beer can be found at many local bars and pubs.

You cannot have a proper celebration of St. Pat's Day without the music. Oh Danny Boy probably tops the charts but there are others as well, including Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral, Erin Go Bragh, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, and The Minstrel Boy.

So let’s celebrate St Patricks Day. Grab your bagpipes, and, if you are up to a little mischief, grab a leprechaun too.

Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever)!

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