Sister Poems

Share sister poems with your sister or sisters on Sister’s Day!

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I’m glad I found such a day. It gives me a way to let my sister know just how much I love her – and what’s more - how much I so appreciate having her in my life.

Sister Poems

The following poem was written by William Wordsworth, a famous English romantic poet. His sister, Dorothy, was also a poet. William and his sister were very close but when their mother died, the children were separated for nine years. Fortunately they were able to reunite and in 1798, Wordsworth wrote this poem, To My Sister.

To My Sister

It is the first mild day of March:
Each minute sweeter than before
The redbreast sings from the tall larch
That stands beside our door.

There is a blessing in the air,
Which seems a sense of joy to yield
To the bare trees, and mountains bare,
And grass in the green field.

My sister! ('tis a wish of mine)
Now that our morning meal is done,
Make haste, your morning task resign;
Come forth and feel the sun.

Edward will come with you;--and, pray,
Put on with speed your woodland dress;
And bring no book: for this one day
We'll give to idleness.

No joyless forms shall regulate
Our living calendar:
We from to-day, my Friend, will date
The opening of the year.Love, now a universal birth,
From heart to heart is stealing,
From earth to man, from man to earth:
--It is the hour of feeling.

One moment now may give us more,
Than years of toiling reason:
Our minds shall drink at every pore
The spirit of the season.

Some silent laws our hearts will make,
Which they shall long obey:
We for the year to come may take
Our temper from to-day.

And from the blessed power that rolls
About, below, above,
We'll frame the measure of our souls:
They shall be tuned to love.

Then come, my Sister! come, I pray,
With speed put on your woodland dress;
And bring no book: for this one day
We'll give to idleness.

~ William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

Many of the sister poems you'll find are written by people just like you and me.

I took my turn at composing some simple and fun little sister poems. Nothing as refined and in-depth as Wordsworth but a fun exercise just the same.

I'm sharing them with you but remember - you too can try it! Just think of memories and words that describe the times you've had with your sister and start writing your own sister poems.

Chalk on the Sidewalk

Chalk on the sidewalk
Long summer days
Chocolate chip cookies
A snowman’s cave.

Swings in the backyard
Melted crayons
Hoola hoops and Frisbees
Playing in the band.

Sister fights and laughter
Teasing and tricks
Mother, dad and puppies
Family trips.

Do you remember
Sister of mine?
All the fun together
A life so fine!

So let’s keep up
The giggles and the fun
Making more memories
To keep us young.

~ Evamay


Patient, Loving
Eating, Laughing, Sleeping
Loyal, Funny, Truthful, Friendly
Helpful, Supportive

~ Evamay


Growing Together

When we were young
all I thought of was ME.
I had my friends,
You were a kid, you see.

Yet through the years
We’ve grown together
Like peas in a pod,
Like birds of a feather.

So let’s continue
The laughing and loving,
Because being your sister,
Is really something!

~ Evamay










~ Evamay


Or perhaps your sister is a bit more feisty -









~ Evamay

Share Your Sister Poem

Sisters have a unique relationship. Take those thoughts and feelings you have for your sister(s) and write a poem!

It can be rhyming or free verse. Either way, let your sister know how you feel and share it with us!

Thank you for visiting Sister Poems.

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