The Land of Liberty

In The Land of Liberty, the author describes his/her love for the beauty of America. What more could you love about our country? The pine-clad hills, the wild bird’s merry tone, the forests and valleys fair ... but there is more to love.

It is something not only beautiful but far more precious. Envisioned by our brilliant Founding Fathers, established by the Declaration of Independence, and paid for in the blood, sweat, and tears of Americans throughout our history.

The Land of Liberty
~ Author Unknown

I love my country's pine-clad hills,
Her thousand bright and gushing rills,
Her sunshine and her storms;
Her rough and rugged rocks, that rear
Their hoary heads high in the air
In wild, fantastic forms.

I love her rivers, deep and wide,
Those mighty streams that seaward glide
To seek the ocean's breast;
Her smiling fields, her pleasant vales,
Her shady dells, her flow'ry dales,
The haunts of peaceful rest.

I love her forests, dark and lone,
For there the wild bird's merry tone
I hear from morn till night;
And there are lovelier flowers, I ween,
Than e'er in Eastern lands were seen,
In varied colors bright.

Her forests and her valleys fair,
Her flowers that scent the morning air--
All have their charms for me;
But more I love my country's name,
Those words that echo deathless fame,
"The Land of Liberty."

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