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Towers, towers oh so tall strong in soul ever destined to fall. Scrapping the sky, high as can fly tumbling down, rumbling round . Who to blame, who to

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I am a mother

I am a mother I stand on mother earth I understand love because I am a mother I stand on mother earth I have my fire going just like mother earth I have

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Ode To The Flag

Ode To The Flag Copyright 7-4-1970 Renewed 2008,2012 Linda Sheehan Cunningham Our nation's flag is a stirring sight

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That day

That day The day was normal Or so it seemed As people said I love you Gave kisses on cheeks All the loved ones scattered out their doors There was jobs

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My Heart Fell

When the buildings came tumbling down My heart fell People screaming and running everywhere My heart fell People jumping off of buildings My heart fell

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We Shall Not Forget

Sept.11, We Shall Not Forget Your fate was determined, Your life brought to an end. Though I knew you not, Could you have been my friend? In those final

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The Flag

A young man died out on the street In a land so far away He died for love of country And was buried here today In the fight for peace and freedom He heard

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A Poem For Those Who Jumped

I did not bow I made a choice I would not fall to your terror I went out my own way I fell from the North Tower I watched the city fall

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Pearl Harbor - December 7th

I hope you take at least a moment out of your day to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor - an event that took place 73 years ago!

It might be a moment of silence, a prayer, or thanking a veteran.

President Roosevelt addressing Congress:

"Mistletoe and Holly"

Mistletoe and holly Presents gay and bright Gifts of whim and folly Neath a tree on Christmas night A tree all trimmed with tinsel Christmas balls so

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Are You Getting Ready for Halloween?

Hi to all! It's been awhile since I've posted but I'm still around. Thank you for continuing to check out a lot that is good about the USA.

Fall is such a great time of the year - well at least I like the colors and cooler weather, plus football and sometimes I really like the World Series!

Another fun time for all is Halloween. Now, I did meet a woman recently who said she didn't care much for this holiday. But if you look around, and of course ask any kid, Halloween is a pretty popular holiday in the States.

And even though we have a couple of weeks or so to go before we can dress outrageously, it's not too soon to start planning and getting in the ghoulish mood.

So check out the links below, have fun planning your celebrations, and enjoy the beauty of autumn!

Halloween Appetizers

Halloween History

Halloween Poetry

Halloween Punch Recipes

Halloween Words

Navajo Prayer For Peace

Peace within me, Peace before me, Peace around me, Peace under me, I will Serve my Lord, And Praise him, Peace within my brothers, Peace within my sisters,

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Happy Independence Day!

On July 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan delivered his I Love the 4th of July speech from his ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

His words are always a good reminder of the responsibilities we have in maintaining and defending this great experiment called the United States of America. Happy Independence Day!

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When this five year old child arrived to live in our home, my wife noticed she was clutching a Christmas ball . She asked her why? The child responded




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Since the day I was first created many years ago I have been a symbol of what this country stands for, freedom for all men and women. Since the Founding

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Just a few seconds to change the fragility of the world we know Just one mindless act to shake our lives as far down as the foundations go Lost not just

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He Is Risen! Hallelujah!


Remember the Celebrations of March

As the month of March winds down and weather aside, we can look back and see that many people enjoyed the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the wonderful poems, blessings, and sayings of the Irish.

We also had the opportunity to celebrate such occasions as Girl Scout Day, Read Across America Day, National Agriculture Day, and even National Pig Day!

Yet with all the holidays we have the privilege to celebrate, let us not forget some key events that took place in the month of March - events that provided the many opportunities we have to celebrate.

• March 23, 1775 - Patrick Henry’s speech, Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death
• March 4, 1789 – the Preamble to the US Constitution (understand what it means)
• March 3, 1931 – a congressional resolution made The Star Spangled Banner our National Anthem (read all the lyrics and understand the pride of and grace given to a free country)

The remarkable happenings of March – our true celebrations!

US National Anthem by the Academy Choirs

Ruffles Potato Chips

Ruffles, Ruffles, every where never gone and always there, crispy little potato chips, oily in a bag! I love you so much, you taste so yummy with every

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