9/11/11 (Ten Years Passed)

by Bradley A. Peraino

I know I never will!

I know I never will!

I know I never will! http://perainopoetry.blogspot.com

I can't believe it's been ten years since that sad September day. The weeks, the months, the years flew by; though the thoughts don't go away.

The horror as the planes flew in and crashed the mighty towers. The sadness from the loss of life; I was shocked and numb for hours.

The utter disbelief of what I was surely seeing. The anger that had taken root in every fiber of my being.

The fear of what might happen next, and the fear of what might not. There was terror on my T.V. screen, and tears with every shot.

Those thoughts and feelings still live on, flashing through my head; the smoke and fire, debris and dust... the misery and dread!

Through ten short years, and two long wars, the wounds have yet to heal. Old news reels, like movie clips; it still seems so surreal.

Yet here we are, America, still standing strong and tall. They may even strike us yet again but, they can never kill us all!

For we are one! We are strong; tested, tried and true. We are the Red, we are the White, and we are the stars engulfed in Blue!

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