by Lisa Smith

Just a few seconds to change the fragility of the world we know
Just one mindless act to shake our lives as far down as the foundations go
Lost not just for now, but forever,a mass of destruction and pain
As the sun continued to set that night, as we know it will do so again
One breeze to blow ashes across the land, one rain drop to ease the fire
Just one sun to rise on the dawn of hell, as the death toll grows ever higher
One shattering moment of deafening noise, to hold the silence that would follow
The earth shook and trembled, forever now empty and hollow.
Hands held out holding nothing but the emptiness filtering through the smoke
With no hope of fresh air, as the silence fell, over the devastation that spoke
And the world never to recover, from the realization that something was gone
The security in our freedom, the fragility of the world as life goes on

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