9/11 The World Trade Center

by Nicole Magincalda
(Fair Oaks Ca, United States)

The world came to a stop the day the towers fell
and everyone inside was going through a hell!

People calling loved ones just to say good-bye,
some of them were set free from the mess and some of them did die!

I have not forgotten what happened on that day
because a cross stands in the rubble of that mess as if its there to say,

"Those people that died they were really not alone
because I (Jesus Christ) came down there to take all of them home".

(Jesus) came and left a cross for all the world to see
as if to say "fear not because your loved ones are with me.

They are safe in my embrace,
I have come to ease their pain".

A couple people made it and still live on today,
so they could tell their story to friends and family.

9/11 took people from all walks of life
Men, Women, and Children, it makes me want to cry!.

However they are safe and sound, the damage has been done,
and losing your dear loved one is never any fun!

So here is to the people who never made it out
and left a lasting memory no one could ever put out.

God bless the USA and thank God we are free,
to make our own choices from sea to shining sea.

The cross is there and I believe (Jesus Christ) did come to save all of the souls who could not get up and run from the fire burning too fast to be put out.

He came to save the people who could not ever make it out!

The souls of those who died I know they've been set free
because (Jesus Christ) left a sign for all the world to see.

P.S This poem is dedicated to all those who died on 9/11 and those who walked from the rubble. I saw a news clip that talked about the structure of the Twin Towers and how when the building fell there were all these iron crosses while there was in one area of the structures one iron cross standing all alone.

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